Bringing to life

/ Essentials are never ephemeral / 

The slogan: “Made by Humans for Humans” perfectly sums up the KA/NOA spirit. It stands for creating with awareness and responsibility, enhancing the material, preserving the essence, fashioning a beautiful product that is unique and comfortable and timeless. Essentials with natural colours, carved from elements that are precious to the touch, made with Man’s hand.


It is a desire to surpass, a quest for effort, the testing of self, combined with an epicurean spirit that underlies the philosophy of KA/NOA. From the hills of his childhood, from a passion for the mountains to a fascination for wide open spaces, these varied universes have inspired the colours, materials and cuts of KA/NOA garments.

Images, memories and emotions expressing the authenticity, the unbreakable link with the past, a taste for simple things and natural elegance.

Endless mixing & matching

KA/NOA is based on the principle of a wardrobe of basics so that every piece goes together. Dozens of models resulting in over a hundred possible combinations. Unstructured jackets that can be worn as cardigans, a mismatched suit consisting of a pair of chinos with a slack jacket, a pair of track pants enhanced with a bomber jacket. The KA/NOA wardrobe escapes the ephemeral character of fashion. A simple, obvious style, classics, timeless collectors’ items. Colour palettes consisting of essential hues in tones reminiscent of sky, sea, earth and stone. Fine, soft materials for layering resulting in a collection that can be worn year-round. Garments designed for living and travelling, comfortable, practical and crease-proof such as the BLASI blazer in “technical wool”.

Made for humans by humans - 100% made in Italy

The KA/NOA signature is 100% Italian craft production, imbued with a philosophy that is socially and culturally responsible. The determination to preserve and create work in Italy, without silently exporting that precious expertise, the uncompromising guarantee of a product that is 100% Italian-made. Every garment has the soul of Italian craftsmen, their history and lives devoted to exercising their passion.

The distinctive elements of the KA/NOA label – natural mother-of-pearl buttons engraved with the name of the brand, an over-stitched outline finishing the back of certain garments or a hallmark in the form of a star – a symbol of excellence and authenticity – embroidered on a range of materials.

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