KA/NOA Boutique
Lausanne, Switzerland

Boutique currently closed due to covid restrictions.

In compliance with the strict decisions taken recently by the Swiss authorities, all KA/NOA boutiques in Switzerland are closed until further notice. Our online shop www.kanoitalia.com will remain open, and we will be happy to assist you by email via info@kanoaitalia.com for any advice or appointments you may require.

Life goes on, and, as Sun-Tzu said:“In the midst of chaos there is also opportunity”. Remain optimistic, and we look forward to seeing you all very soon in good health and good spirits. 

About the KA/NOA Boutique in Lausanne

Garages du Flon: a symbolic location in a refurbished garage for the very first KA/NOA boutique, opened in September 2017 in the adopted city of Bruno Grande. Set in the artistic Flon district in the capital of the Canton de Vaud, the boutique has kept the rough vibe of its environment: concrete walls, ceiling and floor; minimalist made-to-measure furniture; along with natural colors. A place to display the collection in perfect harmony. 

KA/NOA Lausanne, Switzerland

Rue des Cotes de Montbenon 5,
Porte 18,
1003 Lausanne,

Boutique closed.

tel: +41 21 311 39 81
email: lausanne@kanoaitalia.com

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