He dreamt it...
He created it...

/ Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom / Aristotle

He has an entrepreneurial spirit and never gives up on his dreams. His perseverance is sometimes regarded as stubbornness, his perfectionism as obsessiveness. 

This true aesthete with a penchant for beautiful things is also an epicurean with a contagious love of life.

Proud of his roots, he loves the world that he unceasingly (re)discovers through his travels.

Generous, he loves unreservedly and is entirely devoid of envy.

Never mistake his discretion for reserve – he’s quite simply authentic.

He has no fear of failure because he knows that success is built on experience.

He revels in whizzing down slopes when back-country skiing or biking, and his taste for exertion drives him to surpass himself even when the going gets tough.