From yarn to label - 100% Made in Italy

The crazy gamble of a dreamer deeply attached to the true values of Italian know-how. A successful bid thanks to the support of high-level suppliers, who believed in the project, who were convinced by Bruno Grande's passion and determination, and who along with him took the decision to push Made in Italy to extremes. Unique Makers, the finest in their field, who have dedicated all their know-how transmitted from generation to generation to serving this project.

From development to manufacturing, from materials to accessories, all the operations and design elements of the KA/NOA collections are Italian and made in Italy. 

Tired of seeing the official Made in Italy label flouted by multiple operations carried out outside the Peninsula's borders, KA/NOA and its Makers proudly lay claim to a ‘100% Made in Italy’ approach. A bold challenge, which comes at a price, but which also fulfils a desire to awaken a unique know-how, to take on social responsibility by safeguarding Italian jobs, thus promoting the survival of artisanal work remunerated at its true value for a unique result and exceptional quality.

We would like to thank all those who believe in our project, who share the risks and accompany us in this quest for authentic Made in Italy. They do so with passion, sometimes with a sense of nostalgia, but always with great pride. And they have made it possible for us to make this crazy dream come true.

Thank you, dear Makers, and may we continue to enjoy a long and flourishing journey together.