This is where
it all begins...

/ Knowing where we come from to understand where we're going /

Founded in 2017, KA/NOA symbolises the unique, precious thread of life that links generation to generation, weaving ties between our roots, our values, our beliefs, the past and the future.

A dream project arising from Bruno Grande determination to create a no-nonsense, elegant, comfortable, practical masculine wardrobe consisting of timeless basics exclusively made in Italy using local raw materials. 

A personal response to the ephemeral nature of fashion and the superficial tendencies of the world today.

With KA/NOA, Man, his personality and his style once again take centre stage.

Interwoven Roots

KA/NOA was born in the heart of the Piedmont region. A fabric craftsman imbued with a strong culture and values, Pietro Grande was a tailor, upholsterer and decorator. Patterns, chalk, fabric and scissors were his passion and he personally made his son first jacket. Bruno Grande in turn inherited his father’s passion for beautiful fabrics used to create smooth, comfortable garments with an authentic look.

The company name is a tribute to his origins and inspiration which he wishes to transmit to his children – KAIA & NOAH. A name whose double meaning evokes a mode of transportation embodying a desire to seize time in all its splendour and to live mindfully.

Subtly blending several cultures, KA/NOA tells a tale infused with the Piedmont of his childhood, with Italian artisanship and a philosophy of beauty embedded in his genes, along with a spirit of tradition and innovation embodied by his adopted land, Switzerland and enriched by his travels and encounters around the world.