KA/NOA Boutique
Crans-Montana, Switzerland

About the KA/NOA Boutique in Crans-Montana

A longstanding holiday getaway for the family, the Swiss ski resort of Crans-Montana offers broad touristic visibility for any upcoming brand. A small pop-up store that was still empty on December 22 saw the installation of KA/NOA on December 27, 2017, meaning a busy few days for the Grande family during the Christmas period!

After a successful winter season, KA/NOA finally settled in just a stone’s throw away at no. 27 Rue Centrale. A luminous white setting perfectly in line with the KA/NOA identity.

KA/NOA Crans-Montana, Switzerland

27, Rue Centrale,
3963 Crans-Montana,

Boutique closed.

tel: +41 27 321 3981
email: cransmontana@kanoaitalia.com

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