KA/NOA Boutique
Crans-Montana, Switzerland

About the KA/NOA Boutique in Crans-Montana

A longstanding holiday getaway for Bruno Grande and his family, the Swiss ski / golf resort of Crans-Montana offers broad touristic visibility for any upcoming or established brand.

From a small pop-up store during the 2019 winter season, to a nice place on Rue Centrale, KA/NOA has found its home on the famous Rue du Prado! Located at the top of THE luxury shopping street of Crans, this new boutique reflects the timeless, elegant and comfortable KA/NOA spirit.

KA/NOA Crans-Montana, Switzerland

2, Rue du Prado
3963 Crans-Montana,

tel: +41 27 321 3981
email: cransmontana@kanoaitalia.com

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