KA/NOA Boutique
Toulouse, France

The KA/NOA Boutique in Toulouse, FRANCE

The first KA/NOA boutique outside of Switzerland has opened its doors in Toulouse, 3, Rue Boulbonne (in Occitan: Bolbona quarry), in the heart of the historical city center, crossing through the Saint-Etienne and Saint-Georges districts.

Why Toulouse? Because it's the capital of Occitania, a macro-region that used to spread to the hills of Piedmont, birthplace of Bruno Grande, KA/NOA founder. The Province of Cuneo, in Piedmont, is indeed the birthplace of the Occitan culture, which inspired the KA/NOA logo and most of our product names. So for us, Toulouse will always have a subtly Italian touch, in the purest KA/NOA tradition!

The store at number 3 looks the same as it did in the late 1800s, since most of the buildings built during that century, although modest, have been preserved, with their classical facades and windows adorned with wrought iron railings. The clearly legible interior design with its neutral and soft powdery notes is wonderfully soothing. A blend of concrete, metal, wood and distinctive fragrances combine to create a resolutely boyish, masculine space that gives pride of place to the products on display.

Its exposed metal beam was designed to support a wide opening intended for the front of the store. Such is the case of this one, which comes from the Saint-Eloi workshops in Toulouse.

KA/NOA Toulouse, France

3, rue Boulbonne,
31000 Toulouse,
South/West Occitanie,

tel: +33 5 61 233 992

email: toulouse@kanoaitalia.com

Mon: 14h00-19h30
Tue - Sat: 10h30-13h00 and 14h00-19h30
Also opened by appointment

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