Don't get the blues, get the blue!

Don't get the blues, get the blue!

Fifty shades of blue

True to the KA/NOA concept that all pieces work well together, introducing new colors into the collection is never easy. Every new season is a tricky exercise and the 2022 new releases are no exception, yet we have once again risen to the challenge, and we hope you'll enjoy the new pieces and shades that will complete your wardrobe. We take you on a tour of these new shades, looking at their history or particularities, along with KA/NOA look ideas!

 A gentle spring season, enabling us to foresee a resumption of our little events in boutiques (or elsewhere), representing opportunities to weave the ties that are at the heart of our motivation and our project. So stay tuned, and join us whenever you feel like it to meet up soon.


Reminiscent of wine lees sediment (mosto in Italian), this color feature reddish tones tending towards dark purple. It was first mentioned in 1730 as an "unpleasant" hue and was then more suited to the colors of certain medical preparations. It was not until more than 100 years later that wine lees-colored roses were noted as being an exquisite shade. From then on, the wine lees color would come to be used in fashion, decoration, corresponding to a certain idea of aesthetics.

It blends perfectly with all shades of blue (here an indigo blue), and more salmon-like shades, which are part of the same palette.



A little darker than 'linen', a little warmer than 'marron glacé', the 'creta' (clay) color is a neutral brown with warm undertones. It enables other colors to express themselves, while enhancing them.

A natural color par excellence, it seemed an obvious choice for the Vince trousers in linen and silk, an exceptional fabric from Tallia di Delfino. A result full of subtle nuances and shimmer that are hard to convey in photos, but which are well worth viewing in-store.



For some people, springtime can bring on the blues. Here at KA/NOA, we don't have the blues, we have the blue – although admittedly not only in this season as you are doubtless aware 😉😂, since blue is our trademark color! However, this spring we have found a new shade: after river blue, dark blue, sky blue, night blue, ocean blue, light blue and so on, we are introducing STONE BLUE! A perfect combination of grey and blue, this new shade blends perfectly with the rest of the KA/NOA colors and will bring out the first signs of a tan on your face.


Mint green: for Eddy Mitchell ( fans, it will recall the mint green-colored eyes evoked in his famous song 😂. For others, mint is a combination of blue, green and white. Its intensity depends on the proportions of each element. It belongs to the pastel range of soft, light and elegant colors. It is so universally flattering to almost all skin tones and so fabulous in combination with white, black, peach, beige, navy blue and almost every shade of the rainbow, that it is hard to find fault with it!



50 shades of blue: royal (river) blue. This refers to a deep blue that was the main color of the uniform of the French Guards regiment created in 1563 to guard the king, hence the definition of "royal" blue, also known as river blue in English. It is an assertive, bright blue that lends a touch of nobility and strength to those who wear it. The new river blue defender wool Vince pants will go perfectly with any navy, white, beige or light gray items in your wardrobe. They are also easily paired with the new Craig blazer in the same shade and fabric so as to obtain an ideal suit for this season.




The label: a small piece of cloth that may seem harmless. Some people remove them, some ignore them. But they are important to ensure that you can enjoy your KA/NOA clothes for as long as possible. Washing information, temperature, drying, ironing: these are the most important steps in the life of a garment, because quality does not mean all-terrain... Our clothes naturally need to be worn, but above all loved and cared for.

We are happy to advise you on your purchases so as to preserve them for as long as possible.




Home to the famous flamenco, Seville is one of Spain’s most visited cities. It's a city that inflames the senses. Exquisite architecture, rich history, delicious tapas, and fantastic flamenco – the Andalusian capital really has it all!



The Hospes Las Casas del Rey de Baeza hotel is located right in the center of the old town, in the district of Santa Cruz. What used to be a corral de vecinos (a typical dwelling with a large shared courtyard) in the 18th century is now a meeting point for all travelers who wish to relax in the city.



Near the Cathedral and the Giralda is the Hotel Rey Alfonso X, a 19th century house has been transformed into an elegant hotel. Its open-air swimming pool is the establishment's best kept secret !



El Rinconcillo, opened in 1670, is considered as the most ancient bar of Sevilla. The decoration has been preserved for over 300 years! On the ground floor one can enjoy delicious tapas and wine on its mahogany bar. The restaurant is on the upper floor and is THE classic place for traditional Andalucian cuisine. Make sure to book in advance !



In bygone days, it was common for shops to double as bars (or maybe it was bars doubling as shops; no one really knows). Abacerías, as these hybrids were known, were to be found everywhere. Now, just a handful remain, like Casa Morales, which has belonged to the same family since 1850. A very lively and joyful place to eat the best tapas in town!


A stylish and sophisticated roof terrace perched on top of the fantastic EME Catedral Hotel. Located just a few steps from the impressive cathedral, the close-up views over La Giralda are majestic, and complemented with panoramic vistas of the Seville skyline.



La Terraza is the ideal place to have an aperitif or enjoy a drink with friends. Succumb to the charms of the beautiful views voer the Giralda and end your day in the best possible way.