KA/NOA newsletter, December 2019
Happy Holidays!

KA/NOA newsletter, December 2019 -- Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

As we enter into the festive period and approach the end of the year,  we would first of all like to thank you for your support and your interest in KA/NOA. We have grown significantly this year, and this is thanks to you all. We have no intention of stopping here and have many projects and as well as new models in the pipeline for the coming months. Hopefully, we can count on you to remain right there alongside us!

For this last newsletter of the year, we will travel to Lapland, where Santa is rushing preparing Christmas gifts ;). Have you finished yours? If not, we have plenty of ideas for you, basics with which you simply cannot go wrong and which are sure to bring a smile to every face! Enjoy the trip and see you soon!


Happy Holidays !

Alors que nous entrons joyeusement dans la saison des Fêtes et approchons de la fin de l'année, nous aimerions avant tout vous remercier de votre soutien et votre intérêt pour KA/NOA. Nous avons grandi de manière significative cette année, et ceci grâce à vous. Nous n'allons pas nous arrêter là, bien au contraire, et de belles nouveautés sont en préparation pour l'année prochaine! Nous espérons que vous continuerez à nous accompagner dans cette belle aventure.

Pour cette dernière newsletter de l'année, nous allons voyager en Laponie, où le Père Noël s'active pour preparer ses derniers cadeaux ;). Avez-vous terminer les vôtres? Si ce n'est pas le cas, nous avons plein d'idées pour vous, des basiques avec lesquels vous ne pouvez pas vous tromper et qui rendront heureux! Profitez du voyage et à très bientôt!


Looking for a little gift inspiration?

We offer a large range of accessories and small presents, ranging from socks to key holders and gloves, everything 100% Made in Italy and presented in elegant KA/NOA gift boxes. A nice way to bring KA/NOA to the attention of your friends and families! 


THEO Gloves, JORDAN socks, CESAR credit card holder, BENJAMIN horizontal wallet and CONDE belt.


HUGO gloves, JEROME socks, IZIDOR scarf and BRIAC belt.



Planning a white Christmas?

Where are you planning to spend your holidays? For us, it will be a white Christmas, in the mountains. Snow is coming and we are happy to present the NEW KA/NOA SKI OUTFIT. A perfect mix between the originality of water repellent wool by Vitale Barberis Canonico and the technical construction of both the jacket and the trousers, developed with the best Maker in Italy. The result is an elegant original outfit, available in different colour compositions, which enable you to jump straight from the slopes to the bar without changing your outfit!


HEREVE dark grey ski JacketMARMOLADA handcrafted trekking shoesKILIAN ski trousers and GILLES cycling collar jumper.




Ready to brave the weather for your last Christmas purchases?

Please stop by and enjoy a drink with us during these additional opening hours:

Late openings on December 18 and 20 (until 8.30 pm).
Special opening on Monday, December 23 (10 - 8.30 pm) 

Special opening on Monday, December 23 (12 - 8.30 pm) 

Special opening on Monday, December 23

High season opening (7/7) as of December 20 
2 Years Anniversary on December 27 (5-7 pm)



The Ice Hotel in Lapland, the first and largest snow and ice hotel in the world. 



This Northern region spans several countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the territory is located beyond the Polar Circle, and offers incredible experiences of polar nights in winter, and midnight sun in summer. Not to mention the Northern Lights ! It's also home to the Sami, one of Europe's oldest and most authentic peoples.  Finnish Lapland is the greatest tourist magnet in the area, since it is home to Rovaniemi, the village of Father Christmas. The Swedish part is quite similar to its Finnish counterpart, but with less tourists, whilst Norway offers a different landscape full of fjords, and warmer temperatures by the sea. Whatever your tastes, Lapland has a lot to offer, for adults and children alike!


The Tree Hotel
Have you ever dreamed of sleeping in the trees, in a bird's nest or in a UFO? At the Tree Hotel, nature and imagination run wild!

The Ice Hotel 
The Ice Hotel is located in Sweden, 200Km North of the Artic Circle. It is the first and largest snow and ice hotel, built each December on the Torne River. A perfect combination of art and accommodation, It definitively offers something entirely different!

The Nangu Wilderness Hotel
Located in the Finnish part of Lapland, this place offers a perfect mix of high quality Lapland-style hospitality and remote Arctic wilderness. Serving as a base for numerous activities, this is a great location to spend a whole week experiencing the wild North!

Artic Treehouse Hotel
Located 15mins from Rovaniemi city centre, this luxury resort is located within walking distance of Santa Park and the Santa Claus cavern, in Rovaniemi. 

Javri Lodge 
Once the official retreat of the Finnish President, this adult-only 10-rooms boutique hotel is the perfect gateway to the trails of the unspoilt Uhro Kekkonen National Park. Indoor pool, concierge service.

Aurora Estate
Europe's best new boutique hotel 2018, the Aurora Estate is located on the shores of Lake Ylläsjärvi, near Finland's biggest ski resort Ylläs. An excellent restaurant and paradise for skiers!