KA/NOA newsletter, November 2019
Parma is not only famous for ham or cheese!

KA/NOA newsletter, November 2019 -- Parma is not only famous for ham or cheese!

Parma is not only famous for ham or cheese!

KA/NOA cherishes Parma. As true Epicureans, we love its famous Parma ham and Parmesan cheese, but that's not the only reason. Parma and its region is also home to some of our very important "makers" and partners, who are now also our friends. In this first newsletter dedicated to this Italian region, we will concentrate on the hills of Parma, where our trousers are crafted by passionate "humans" who devote themselves the last 40 years to making best-in-class trousers for the whole luxury industry. They are part of the KA/NOA family living amid beautiful scenery infused with the scent and feel of Italy. A wealth of trade secrets jealously safeguarded for generations, but which we are now happy to share (at least in part). Journey with us to expose the intricates of true craftsmanship.


Parme n'est pas seulement célèbre pour son jambon et son fromage !

Parme est chère à KA/NOA. En tant qu'épicuriens, nous adorons  bien sûr son jambon de Parme et son Parmesan, mais ce n'est pas la seule raison. Parme et sa région sont également le siège de quelques-uns de nos plus importants fournisseurs et partenaires, devenus aujourd'hui des amis. Dans cette première newsletter dédiée à cette région d'Italie, nous allons nous concentrer sur les collines qui entourent Parme, là où des hommes et des femmes passionnés et dédiés confectionnent nos pantalons dans le plus pur esprit de la tradition et du savoir-faire depuis 40 ans. Une partie de la famille KA/NOA, cachée au beau milieu d'un paysage magnifique, qui sent l'Italie. Un secret bien gardé depuis des générations, sur lequel nous levons une partie du voile aujourd'hui. Embarquez avec nous dans les méandres de l'artisanat!


Paying tribute to a team

Let's start by paying tribute to a team, a family of passionate people with unique expertise, which makes a true difference. Some of these nimble-fingered artisans have more than 30 years experience in the same factory. All are treated with great respect and a sense of moral responsibility.


Did you know that a single pair of trousers comprises 35 parts which, like the notes composing a musical score are masterfully joined and sewn together to create a unique and perfect whole? all the patterns of KA/NOA trousers are created in an exclusive manner and are brand specific resulting in a perfect fit for sizes 44 to 58.


40 different operations are needed to make a pair of trousers - from cutting to ironing to the final check. A distillation of painstaking attention and the human touch to achieve the perfect product.


All the materials and accessories are rigorously selected amongst the best Italian producers, for a result 100% Made in Italy, with great respect for the environment: A sustainable approach designed to minimize transport of all supplies in order to safeguard the environment and limit CO2 emissions. 


It is now time to discover the KA/NOA trouser collection! From BORIS chinos to the more sophisticated FLAVIEN collection, discover some of the best sellers and FW 19/20 new models. One thing is for sure: once you try them, you are bound to adopt them! And since the fit is the same throughout the collection, you'll never go wrong.


A perfect winter look 100% Made in Italy: FLAVIEN taupe wool Chino trousersARISTIDE cycling collar extrafine wool jumperDAVID outershirt 100% virgin woolCONDE leather beltFABRICE leather sneakers. The total price of this wardrobe: CHF 1360



Tradition meets creativity at the Ristorante Les Caves located in the cellar of the 13th-century fortress of Sanvitale.


The Province of Parma

Ideally located on the borders of Lombardy, Reggio Emilia, Liguria, Tuscany and Piacenza. Just imagine! It is divided into three regions: the capital (Parma), the hills and the Apennine mountains. The region is famous for its gourmet traditions: the Parmiggiano Reggiano cheese (not to be confused with Grana Padano which comes from Lombardy) and prosciutto di Parma (not to be confused with San Daniele, which comes from the Friuli Venezia-Giulia province).
Mouth-watering? Then follow the guide! 

Agriturismo Il Fagiano
Located in Terenzo, in the hills of Parma. Friendly family atmosphere in this "cascina" overlooking the mountains. Home-made cooking, and nice outdoor pool for lazy summer days.

Osteria pizzeria I Salti del Diavolo
A very local and typical Osteria in Terenzo. All dishes are inspired by local tradition and convey the taste and culture of the rich soil of the region. 

Le Spine Pub 
A perfect place to taste the best local craft beers of the region. Located in Berceto, on the famous Via Francigena (the ancient road taken by pilgrims travelling to Rome for the North). An ideal stop after a nice bike ride through the hills, or on your way to Rome. 

Antico Borgo di Tabiano Castello
The Antico Borgo is a Relais de Charme located inside an ancient settlement with an 11th-century castle nestled among the green hills of the province of Parma, a stones' throw away from the Salso Maggiore golf course. Complete with a hotel, restaurant, and spa, the village offers all amenities needed for a romantic getaway.

Locanda Mariella
An unmissable culinary experience... this Michelin starred restaurant (with an excellent quality/price ratio) is located in the middle of the Apennines and is well worth the trip! And for our sporty readers, it is also a great stop along the Tartufo trail (www.tartufotrail.it

Ristorante Les Caves
As its name implies, the restaurant is located in the cellar (la cave) of the 13th-century fortress of Sanvitale, named after the family who owned it for over 300 years. A restaurant where tradition meets creativity to achieve pleasingly refined results. A  perfect stop when visiting the Castles of the Antico Ducato.