KA/NOA newsletter, October 2019
Who looks forward to rainy autumn days? We do!

KA/NOA newsletter, October 2019 -- Who looks forward to rainy autumn days? We do!

This is how it all started

On September 27, 2019, KA/NOA celebrated its two years of existence. Two years already! or... only two years depending on your point of view! But definitively 24 months of excitement, doubts, hard work, determination and support. Support from our loving friends and families, from our suppliers, from our staff and from all the people who have shared this incredible journey with us.

THANK YOU all, and we raise our glasses to the many more years to come!




Dancing in the rain!

From Indian summer to rainy days: autumn is the season of diverse weather forecasts. Get ready to dance in the rain, with our outerwear and waterproof collection of all-weather pieces. What does "waterproof" actually mean? Our waterproof breathable fabrics consist of three layers: a nylon stretch external layer coupled with a mid-waterproof-windproof and breathable membrane and a nylon inner layer. The purpose of the external fabric is to offer an attractive and comfortable look whilst the work of keeping out water is left to the mid-layer membrane. The quality of this invisible membrane makes a huge difference in the waterproofness of the garment. KA/NOA fabric, thanks to the excellent quality of this membrane, can resist up to 9000 columns of water. This number is calculated by placing a 10cm wide glass cylinder on a sample of the material: water is added until the liquid permeates the fabric. The number of columns is equaled to the height of the water that caused the failure: a 9000 mm membrane indicates that it soaks once the column of water reaches nine meters! It goes without saying that the higher the number, the better the quality and water resistance! Thermo-taped seams guarantee perfect insulation, as no water can enter the fabric through the holes of the seams.
To test the resistance of our waterproof collection, we have decided to take you to Scotland, land of grey, green and blue. Stay with us and discover some hidden gems.

Dansons sous la pluie!

Passer de l'été Indien aux journées pluvieuses: L'automne est la saison de toutes les météos. Préparez-vous à danser sous la pluie grâce à notre collection de vêtements d'extérieur et étanches.

Mais que signifie "étanche"? Nos tissus waterproof sont composés de trois couches: une couche extérieure en nylon stretch anti-goutte, une membrane intermédiaire étanche, respirante et coupe-vent, et une couche intérieure en nylon. Le but du tissus extérieur est d'offrir un look attractif et confortable, pendant que l'étanchéité est assurée par la membrane intermédiaire. La qualité de cette membrane  invisible est clé, et marque toute la différence dans la qualité de l'étanchéité du vêtement: grâce à sa qualité exceptionnelle, le tissus des pièces KA/NOA est resistant à 9000 de colonne d'eau: Ce nombre, référence en terme d'étanchéité, se réfère à la résistance d'une matière à la pression de l'eau, et il est calculé en plaçant un cylindre de verre de 10cm de diamètre sur un échantillon de tissus. On le remplit d'eau, et la hauteur du liquide avant pénétration donne la mesure. Il va donc sans dire que plus ce chiffre est haut, plus le tissus est étanche, et que 9000mm correspondent à une hauteur de 9m ! Les coutures thermo-collées garantissent quant à elles une étanchéité parfaite, empêchant l'eau de pénétrer par le trou des aiguilles.

Bien équipés, vous pourrez alors vous embarquer pour l'Ecosse, terre de tous les climats, où le gris, le vert, le bleu s'enchainent pour offrir des paysages magiques et enchanteurs. Suivez le guide!


The Antos Travel Trench.


Raincoats to protect you from the wind and rain

Raincoats represent an important element of the male wardrobe: comfort, protection, and lightness with the trench coat revisited by KA/NOA: Antos and Albert, two waterproof basics in bi-elastic fabric that protects against wind and rain. Completely thermo-sealed thus perfect in every situation and temperature, they are ideal to wear with casual or formal outfits. 


The Feli Gilet and Variste Kway.


Outerwear essentials

Brisse with cashmere padding, the reversible Feli vest and windproof Variste Kway are our best friends this autumn. The technical external yarn-dyed laminated wool fabric features an ideal comfort, waterproofness and breathability.


New models for Fall / Winter

Our Fall / Winter new models have arrived on our boutiques! Come and check out the new arrivals!

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The new Sea Edition - a Tribute to Montauk candle.
Picture by Naadine Koi @wellboxed.


Discover our new collaboration: KA/NOA by Calming Park

KA/NOA joins forces with Zurich-based candle brand Calming Park to launch two exclusive candles paying tribute to SEA and MOUNTAIN. 

Now, the magic of the quiet Swiss alpine resort has been captured in a luxurious candle whose fragrance opens with a leather note, mixed with warm woody notes (cashmeran, sandalwood), gourmand accent (vanilla) and the sophisticated scents of incense and grey amber.  Both candles are made in Grasse (FRA) by Calming Park's perfumer Marie Duchene.


Eilean Donan Castle, one of Scotlands most iconic castles.


With its rich folklore, history and unknown treasures, Scotland is one of the most understated countries in the world, filled with timeless culture and stories. In a world becoming saturated with tourists, buildings, and pollution, it is amongst the very few countries which preserves its vast expanses of green and beautiful scenery. Although a small country, Scotland is a land brimming with beautiful landscapes, golf courses, medieval castles, lakes (some with monsters :=) and some just beautiful), beaches (truly!) and... changeable weather! Despite its oceanic climate, the weather can be very wet, but that's what makes the country so appealing and beautiful.

Birthplace of our dear friend Sir Alex Ferguson, legendary coach of Manchester United, Scotland is a source of inspiration for us, and we wanted to share some places to visit, should you be looking for a weekend gateway full of authenticity.


The Three Chimneys Hotel and restaurant
The Isle of Skye definitely deserves a visit. This Hotel is located a stone's throw from the loch. Peaceful and charming hotel, with rooms, suites and family rooms. 

The Kinloch Lodge
The Kinloch Lodge is a historic destination. This Family-run hotel and restaurant combines relaxed Highland hospitality and world-class food. It's a special place to escape the noise and speed of modern life, somewhere to relax and recharge.

One of the five top hotels in Scotland, it's not exactly a hidden gem, but it definitively deserves a visit. Opened in 1924, this is a very special place, with a great atmosphere. Complete with three golf courses and a 2-stars Michelin restaurant, this beautiful hotel nestled in the Castle offers a vast range of activities but, above all, a unique feeling.

Hotel Nira Caledonia
An elegant Georgian Hotel hidden in a peaceful part of Edinburgh. Fantastic central location, yet quiet, close to main shopping areas. Ideal for a romantic weekend. 

Aberfeldy Distillery
Scotland is the home of whisky and there are plenty of distilleries that will warmly welcome you for tours and tasting. The Aberfeldy distillery is one of them, just 20mins from Perth.

Eilean Donan Castle
Scotland is the land of castles. One not to miss is the Eilean Donan, the most iconic, featured in James Bond's movie The World is not enough. Open to public, it offers guided tours and activities organised around in-depth visits.