KA/NOA newsletter, July 2019
Packing for the summer holidays?

KA/NOA newsletter, July 2019 -- Packing for the summer holidays?

Summer Holidays: mountains or the beach?

Where will you spend your summer break? The beach or the mountains? Whatever your destination, quality time with your loved ones is what's most important. While distance does not matter, weather and temperatures often do ;). At KA/NOA we can't do anything about the weather, but we can help you to pack the right items to travel light and in style; ready to brave any temperature. From bathing suits to layers, our natural materials will adapt to any condition.

Already left? Don't worry: we deliver (almost) worldwide! 


Vacances d'été: êtes vous plutôt mer ou montagne?

Prêts pour les vacances? Quelle que soit votre destination, le plus important est le temps que vous allez passer avec vos êtres chers. La distance ne compte pas - par contre la météo et les températures oui ;). Chez KA/NOA nous ne pouvons rien faire pour la météo, mais nous pouvons vous aider à optimiser vos bagages, à voyager léger, constable, avec style, et ceci quelle que soit la température ou la destination. Du maillot de bain aux couches à superposer, nos matières naturelles s'adapteront à toutes les conditions.

Vous êtes déjà partis? Pas de soucis, nous livrons dans le monde entier (ou presque!)


Introducing the Dolfe Swimsuit - available in three colours. 

Wearing BAZIL Bermudas, ELIE Long-Sleeved T-Shirt and OMBER Sneakers



The Surf Lodge, one of the hippest spots in the Hamptons.  

The Hamptons

THE HAMPTONS and Montauk in particular are one of KA/NOA's favourite seaside destinations. Only 90 minutes from New York City (depending on traffic), the area features gorgeous unspoiled beaches hidden behind dramatic dunes and stages amazing sunsets. An inspiration to many artists like Jackson Pollock, it reflects the KA/NOA summer way of life: understated and natural yet inherently stylish. Originally devoted to agriculture and fishing, it remains attached to its roots with many farms still in activity despite the growing presence of New York's rich population. It's a rich melting-pot of artists, farmers, and surfers, making the experience even more enriching. A destination where all social groups can enjoy a holiday in style! 

Moby's East Hampton
A destination for food (Italian ;), fun, entertainment, and sunsets!

The Surf Lodge
Eat, sleep, surf in Montauk: What else? Formerly a simple Irish dive-bar in Montauk, it has been transformed into one of the hippest spots in the Hamptons. 

Duryea's Lobster Deck
Very peaceful location for great simple alfresco dining looking out at the water. Not only a restaurant but also a seafood market. 

The Crows Nest 
A 14-room hideaway where every detail has been carefully considered. Family cottages are available. Within walking distance of the ocean: great vibes!

Navy Beach
Situated in a little hidden alcove, you really have to know where you are going to find it. But it s worth the search ! Casual coastal cuisine paired with an eclectic wine list.  

LongHouse Reserve
LongHouse reserve is a 16-acre reserve and sculpture garden located in East Hampton. Founded by Jack Lenor Larsen, a major  collector, LongHouse embraces a comprehensive view of art. Home to many events throughout the season, it's definitively worth a stop.


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